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DefKON 1
November 1st, 2nd, & 3rd, 2002

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News Flash!
Updated: 3 Apri 02

UPDATED CON INFO, AND PRE-REG INFO Our banquet is NOW $8.00 per ticket, and is quite untraditional as far as banquets go. We have decided to have a sandwich bar / buffet style banquet held in the hotel restaraunt on Saturday afternoon. This frees up time for the guests, pannelists, and dealers, as well as the con patrons.

8 February 02

UPDATED INFO!!! We'll be at MarsCon Partying it up with the IKF in Fek'lhr's Den on the 12th Floor!!!! Pre-Reg for DefKON while at MarsCON!!! Perks to come to DefKON: Gamers: Contact us!!! We're giving you FREE Softdrinks and Chips if you game with us! Dealers: Pre-Reg by 8/21/02 (Includes 2 Passes, 1 Buffet/Banquet pass, and FREE 1/2 Page Ad!)... We STILL are looking for VOLUNTEERS to assist us with the con, CONTACT US SOON!!!!

19 January 02

Guests! DefKON is now ready to reveal who we are having for our Guests... Our Guests Of Honor are:
Bill Blair (Media)
ST:DS9, ST:Enterprise and Babylon 5
Anita Burbeck-Gould (Artist)
Tattoo and Fantasy
Joel Anderson (Fandom)
KLI / ILS - Klingon Translation of Bible.

16 January 02

DefKON Progress Update We have secured the reservations for the hotel. The ENTIRE hotel. Rooms are $55.00/night + tax and $75.00/night + tax for party suites. Also: the hotel has agreed to have the "banquet" in their restaraunt as a buffet from 1pm to 4pm on Saturday November 2nd. Dealers room is Upstairs as well.

10 January 02

DefKON Pre-Reg Party At MarsCon 2002 (March 1 - 3 - Minneapolis, MN) we will be hosting a room dedicated to DefKON 1 registration... Register for Hotel Rooms, DefKON, Dealer's Tables (If available), and More... Come have some fun with us at our party room! (Thanks to the IKF for sponsoring the room!)