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Road Warrior Contest

A warrior, a vehicle (preferably w a 4x4 with Pulse Cannons), and an attitude!

Do you "men" have what it takes to compete here? We shall see what lies "beyond the Thunder-dome."
Grunts, Cursing, Gasoline and Motor oil are what these guys live for. Not to mention the complete lack of sensitivity shown for those weaker than they.
They'll drive right over you, cut you in half, and eat your grandmother for breakfast!
"There can be only one!" Road Warrior, that is...

DefKON is not responsible nor liable for the contestants reputation, dignity or layability.

Points will be given for...

Best Costume (Or lack thereof)

Roleplay (Keep it real this time guys)

Best Growl (War and Love/lust)

Spear Throw
(Most acurate with a NERF type SPEAR - do NOT bring your own - DefKON Con will provide use of one)

Best Song and Dance

Best "Wooing"/Mating Invitation
(With these guys... Yeah Right...)